What would make you switch operator?



How long have you been with your mobile operator?

I am an O2 customer and have been for several years after switching from Orange for a cheaper deal. Over 20 years of having a mobile phone and I have only been to two different operators so how does an operator grow its customer base?

What keeps you with your operator or do you switch when your contract is up?

Most people I speak to have been with their operator for years but why?

If I think about car insurance, most people will call around other Companies or use a comparison site to find the cheapest deal and go where the cost saving is. I have just renewed my insurance with the same company as last year and this is unusual for me. So why is your mobile contract so different?

Car insurance is a nightmare as they need to ask so many questions before they can quote you and every person has a different quote depending on age, address, car etc.

Mobiles are easy, select the phone, select the tariff.

Even easier than that, most operators will price match to bring you on board so what differentiates them for you – Network coverage?, Customer service?, Available phones? or just that you have always been with them?

The Peoples Operator has just launched in the UK with an interesting model. Their unique selling point is that 25% of the profits are being routed back to charities. The more you use the phone, the more money goes to charity. Even better is that you can divert 10% of your phone bill to the charity of your choice whether it is a local community group, school PTA or national charity.

They are only offering pay as you go tariff’s at the moment with pay monthly contracts coming soon.

Are we going to see more unique offerings from other operators?  What do you think?




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  1. Clare Francis November 21, 2012 at 2:30 pm #

    I think a lot of people still don’t realise you can move network but keep your existing number – all you need is your PAC code and if more people knew that this was a relatively simple process they would look at changing to get a better deal.

    Top marks to Peoples Operator for their new idea to route some of their profits back to the charity of your choice. Yes we need innovation and simplification in this market.

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