Samsung on top

Despite being sued for billions for copying other companies’ designs, Samsung is doing very well in smartphone sales.  The company is now the dominant player in Europe’s mobile phone market, taking almost half of all sales in the last three months.

With the popularity of Google’s Android software increasing, and the release of Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S3 handset, the Korean firm’s sales have been on the rise. In Britain, Germany, Spain, Italy and France, Europe’s five biggest markets, Samsung’s shares are also escalating, going from 21 per cent last year, to 45 per cent this year. This rise has been mirrored by Android, with phones running the software accounting for two thirds of sales.

Android smartphones now make up 56% of all global smartphones sold, giving them a far higher share than the 22.9% held by rival Apple. But with Apple accusing them of stealing their iPhone design, is this actually good news? If Apple were to win the court case, it could cost Samsung and Android their share of the market.

Apple sold 33.1 million iPhones in the first quarter, holding a 22.9% share, but was beaten out by Samsung’s Android smartphones who sold 34.5 million with a 23.9% share in the market, just edging past Apple.

With Samsung doing so well in the smarphone market, accounting for 44% of Android-based smartphones, it seems like perfect timing for them to expand sales of their previously announced 10.1” tablet. It is currently available in Korea, Germany, the USA and the UK, but will soon be introduced to other global markets. The South Korean firm is beginning to dominate the smartphone market, and is about to move in to other global markets. Is it time for Apple to accept they don’t have control of the market anymore, or can they keep up and compete with Samsung?

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