Samsung misbehaving in Apple court case

Eight days into the court case and both firms are still firmly holding their ground. The trial that started on the 31st July saw Apple accuse rival Samsung of ‘copying’ their iPhone design, apparently copying features such as scrolling and multi-touch on its range of smartphones.

Samsung argues it did not ‘copy Apple’s design, it competed’. Samsung lawyer Charles Verhoeven said ‘It’s called competition. That’s what we do in America.’ Internal documents from Samsung showed it deliberately chose to copy the iPhone.

Verhoeven argued many features had been thought up by rival companies before the iPhone came to market. Apple is seeking damages of more than $2.5bn, with Samsung demanding a cut of each Apple device sold.

Samsung is now in trouble with the court after discussing publicly information which the court had ruled should not be admitted. Samsung wanted to show evidence to prove the F700 Smartphone was designed before the iPhone was announced.

The evidence was not allowed to be admitted into the legal action after Judge Lucy Koh ruled that the evidence was too late in being presented. Samsung then took it upon themselves to release this information.

Samsung’s lawyer, John Quinn, was then brought before the court to explain who authorised the press release. He denied that the company had acted in an unethical manner and that they had attempted to influence the jury in anyway. Quinn argued that the information in the evidence had already been reported on by various outlets, and Samsung only released a statement in response to questions.

Apple said that releasing the slides counted as misconduct and it wants the US court to punish Samsung for their wrongdoing.  Now the question is will Samsung’s court document leak backfire on them and cost them this case?

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