Samsung bite back

So the big news late last week, of course, was Apple’s victory over Samsung in its patent lawsuit to the tune of $1.05 billion (£664million). Although the decision is not yet set-in-stone the jury in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California sided emphatically with Apple.

But despite being fined a billion dollars, Samsung have hit back with the second generation of its popular Galaxy Note which will be unveiled at Europe’s biggest electronics show in Berlin later today. The revealing of their newest product couldn’t come sooner as the South Korean firm come under pressure to innovate after losing the patent battle with Apple.

With the possibility of an injunction in September that could delay or prevent Samsung from selling devices in the U.S., the Galaxy Note Phablet, Samsung’s second most popular smartphone after its flagship Galaxy S, is thankfully not included in the list of potential US sales ban.

It’s the latest product to illustrate Samsung’s attempts to make bold design changes as it come increasingly under pressure to differentiate its line-up from the iPhone, whose designs have revolutionised the mobile industry.

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