Parents must have gadget of 2013

I once lost my son at the zoo.  Only for 2 minutes but it seemed like an eternity.

I am sure it is panic that all parents experience at some point and nothing can fully prepare you for it.

So as a parent, how can you prevent this happening?  Keep them in reins until they are 16?

2013 sees a new gadget from Indiegogo that allows you to create virtual reins so you always know how far away the kids are.

The Stick N Find is a tiny Bluetooth device about the size of an American quarter and only 4.1 mm thick, that can go into the child’s pocket. This pairs with your phone and using their App allows you to  see how far away they are. You can also set up proximity alerts so should they venture too far from you side you get an audible alert.

Of course, it is not just limited to keeping a track on the kids. How many hours a year are you looking for the remote control or the car keys?  Simply stick one onto the remote or attach to the keys and always know how far away you are using the apps radar screen.

With up to 20 Stick N Finds trackable at a time and a range of about 100 ft you should be able to track the item down pretty quickly. Sadly the radar is not directional so you will only see how far away you are but you can easily see if you are getting warm or cold in the hunt. Better still, activate the Find It function to turn a light on the device and play a sound.


Expected in March 2013 and for as little as $35 for 2 early bird stickers I think this is going to be the must have gadget for all parents.


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