Nokia: First PureView Windows Phone?

With rumours of Nokia developing their first PureView Windows phone, dubbed “EOS,” it seems the Finnish firm are focusing on camera development in 2013.

The technology world was first introduced to Nokia’s PureView technology last year at the Mobile World Congress, when the mind boggling 41MP camera was unveiled.

However, the camera features were not as well received as Nokia would have liked. Or maybe they sang their own praises too quickly? Either way, Nokia have been working on a way to use PureView’s maximum potential, and a Windows Phone 8 is rumoured to be the strategy.

Nokia also appear to be ditching their preferable polycarbonate casing for the new model, and trading it for aluminum. The growing importance of design in mobile technology means it is hardly surprising Nokia are trying to change things up.

With the Mobile World Congress 2013 just around the corner, we predict this to be the platform for Nokia to unveil the new smartphone models.

Nokia’s official blog post, PureView: There’s more still to come, does little to confirm the details of how PureView has been developed. Head of Imaging at Nokia, Juha Alakarhu, does however accept that imaging is in constant need of tweaking to achieve better technology. He confirms, “We’re really driving innovation in key areas to deepen and enrich the imaging experience.”

Like most new releases, America benefit first. US operator AT&T are suspected to be selling the “EOS” later this year, but we have not heard any whispers of UK availability just yet.

We can’t help but suspect that EOS is just the codename for the new model. Surely it will carry the Lumia branding that has been a huge success for Nokia over the past year?

Alas, we can only speculate at this stage. We look forward to the official unveiling where we can verify or correct our predictions.

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