How Important Is Your Mobile?

No MobileMost of us run a quick check when leaving the house…. Keys, Wallet, Mobile….. but when did mobile become part of this check-list and how long before it overtakes your wallet in priority?

You feel naked without your mobile in your pocket. These days, your mobile rules your life and the thought of losing it sends a shiver down your spine, not just for being without the phone but how much of you is on that phone …photo’s, emails, calendars, Facebook and Twitter to name a few.

It wont be long now until your wallet become obsolete and everything is stored on your mobile.  Lose your mobile then and all sorts of issues can follow.

When did you last leave your mobile at home?  How far out of your way have you gone to pick your mobile up rather than be without it for the day?   Have you broken your mobile and had to wait for a replacement?  How much did you miss your mobile and what was the first thing you did when you got the replacement?   …. Share your experiences in the comments below

For those old enough to remember life before mobiles, can you remember thinking why would I need a mobile phone? Better still, do you remember when the camera was first put into a mobile?  Seemed like a crazy idea to me!

Simpler times…..  or were they?

How many people do you know these days that don’t have a mobile phone?   It is no doubt a lower number than those you know that have a mobile that they rarely use,  like Mum and Dad or Nanny and Grandad who you bought a pay as you go phone for the other Christmas that they turned off on Boxing Day.

It may surprise you to learn that less than half of the worlds population have a mobile. 

According to the trade body GSMA only 45% of the worlds population have a mobile phone.  A global study revealed that by Q4 2012, total mobile connections will be 6.8 Billion. Take out the Machine to Machine and inactive SIM cards and this number drops to 5.9 Billion.  With consumers using an average of 1.85 SIM cards each, it leaves 3.2 billion or 45% of the worlds population. This is expected to increase to 4 Billion over the next 5 years.

Europe has the highest penetration with 90% of us having a mobile whilst Africa is the lowest with only one in three having a mobile.

So, could you become one of the 55% of the world without a mobile?  

How different would life be.  We would have to talk to each other again, no more relying on text and email.  How would you cope if you got separated from friends whilst out and about…. they could be anywhere!  Just think of how much time you would waste waiting for the PC to boot up so you can check Facebook. Commuting would be a real bore and dont forget the 3 rings when you get there to let home know you have arrived safely.

On the plus side though, a day without checking emails and texts…no reading status updates and news feeds, not being contactable for work or home does have a certain appeal. What would my ‘mobile thumb’ do for the day though

Maybe this will be the next sponsorship form that comes your way.  No-Mobile-ember – Give up your mobile for the month of November. Seems like quite a challenge to me, what about you?



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