Google Play Music All Access – the new Spotify?

Google’s own music streaming service, Google Play Music All Access, was one of the new plans revealed by the search giant, at the annual I/O conference in San Francisco this week.

This latest venture into music subscription will see Google providing music access for computers, tablets and smart phones.
By offering a new music platform, it begs the question whether competitors, such as Spotify, have something to be worried about?

Well, of course – any competition needs to be taken seriously and with Google’s influence in the Technology and Android world it’s no wonder everyone is commenting on how the market is going to compete.

Google are offering their service for $9.99 per month after a month free trial. Any subscribers who sign up by 30 June will get a reduced price of $7.99 per month. This directly competes with Spotify’s Premium package, at the same price.

Has Google made the right choice not to offer a free package? Spotify offers a free service, where users can listen, with ads, for free on their desktop computers. Currently, there are no plans for All Access to offer the same.

However, Google’s deals with EMI, Sony Music, Universal and Warner Music, among others, could prove threatening.

Chris Yerga, Android’s engineering Director, sold the product as “radio without rules,” at the conference yesterday. “It’s as lean back as you want to as or as interactive as you want it to be.”

Phone and tablet users in the US don’t have to wait very long for the new app – with a release date of next Wednesday. No date has been set for UK launch but Google say it will be “soon.”

This is sure to push Apple into action to reveal their own plans for a music subscription service, after witnessing popularity of the likes of Spotify and Pandora.

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